Match duration: over 100’ on average

With the recent development in playing time I thought it would be interesting to see the average duration of matches during the current or last completed season. 52,4% of matches are over 100 minutes. 

However, the match duration varies greatly between leagues: from 100% in the top division of the United Arab Emirates to just 6.7% in the Swiss second division being over 100’. In the European big-5, the values stretches from 84.6% in Spain to 61.1% in France.


The overall average is 100’15’’, with a maximum of over 106’ in the top two Saudi competition levels. Interestingly, the top 4 leagues are from the middle east, followed by the 1. Division (CYP) and the La Liga.



The Spanish La Liga is the competition where referees add the most injury time among the European big-5 (on average 13’03’’). The second big 5 league is the English Premier League with 11'46'' in 12th place, the Italian Serie A 11’04’’ in 18th place. 


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