Looking for football specific data?

Dear coaches,

I was approached by some of you with regards to testing data of goalkeepers (and field players). As some of you might know, there is not a lot of data on goalkeepers in the current literature.


Therefore I would like to offer different things.

  1. If there are coaches that collect (what ever) data, I would like to have them. I will sort (for different tests) and group (for different Division for example) them and finally make them available for coaches that have sent some data. Naturally (and before posting the data) I will make them anonymous before, meaning if Coach Michael Rumpf has sent me goalkeeping (or fieldplayer) data from FC Takatuka, the data will be shown as Coach 34 from Division 4 school.

  2. If there are coaches that are interested in putting a scientific turn to their training and testing, I will assist with regards to different questions of reliability, validity and analysis.

  3. If there are coaches that have already figured out everything, however, are looking to have a different opinion on the efficacy of their training, I would suggest a project that will be a win/win/win for you, your team and me.


Depending on the response there will be a timely post.

If there are any question with regards to the points above, and or if you would like to participate - I would be happy if you sent me an email to michael@footballscience.net


The Training Manager - planet.training