Head coach stability

The head coach plays a paramount role in every football club. Consequently, UEFA investigated different topics "around" the head coach in its release "The European Club Footballing Landscape".


The manuscript highlighted some data evaluated from the the 2014/2015 season.


First topic was about "Head coach security" and it seems that it remains a problem and it i getting worse in many places. Please have a look at the first European and global maps below.


At least one head coach was replaced in 2015 in every one of the 60 European leagues analyzed in this section.



The security map clearly demonstrates less patience the further south east you go in Europe.


There are some interesting information with regards to a worldwide perspective. Coaches in Costa Rica and Brazil will have a hard time to survive.



The ages' of the head coaches were also analyzed. It seems that there is no obvious regional tendency towards young or old coaches. The wealthier leagues tend towards older head coaches. England (52 years of age), France (51 years) and Turkey (51.3 years) were among the highest of the 60 leagues. Northern Ireland had the youngest average age of head coaches with 40.6 years.



Here is the worldwide perspective with regards to average head coach ages.



The following picture shows the number of expatriate head coach by region. England shows the highest proportion of foreign head coaches in Europe (75%), Ecuador the highest in the American leagues (83%) and Qatar the highest in the AFC (100%).


Italian and Serbien head coaches are the most widely spread.





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