Champions League Prize Money

With the first game of the 2016/2017 UEFA Champions League group stage played I thought its time to shine some light on the possible prize money the clubs (possibly) earn.

As the picture indicates, a possible 62.2 mio Euros are possible with winning all games.

However, the so-called “market-pool” distribution will further increase the money that the clubs will receive. That means, based on their “market value” clubs will receive money accordingly to the proportion value of each TV market (Country/League). So the market-pool awarded to each country’s league will be distributed among the teams from that league according to their performance in previous league season and how many matches they will play in the given champions league season.

That means Real Madrid will earn more as Basel for example.

Secondly, depending on the number of teams from each country, the teams have to share.  For example clubs from Spain will have to share the market-pool, while Basel, as the only team from Suisse, will not need to share (a smaller amount however).


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