DFB International Coaching Conference 2016

I was able to attend the annual DFB International coaching conference in Germany from the 25th – 27th of July.

The main theme of the conference was “Analysis of the EURO 2016 and current competences of coaches”.

More than ~500 coaches attended the conference. The pictures below was taken during a coffee-break.



Monday morning was used to analyze the EURO 2016. The “conclusion” was that Germany played a good tournament, were dominant in different parts of the game, however, the team lagged the final “punch” against France.


The second part was about coaches competences illustrated using the DFB guidelines. I have added a couple of pictures of slides below. Unfortunately and despite that its an ”international” conference the presentations were in German.



In the afternoon, the floor was given to the referees. Herbert Fandel made a nice presentation about “Coaches and referees – Different perspectives, common goals”.

The practical sessions in the evenings were about “The game in the final third” demonstrated by U17 Eintracht Frankfurt youth. I was little bit surprised about the level, however, the team (apparently) played a two-day tournament the two days before. I have not taken a video, but below is a session picture.



Tuesday started with a presentation about “Packing”. I am not sure if this is a “German” analysis quantifying individual offensive and defensive behaviors of players. Basically, a player receive a score by passing over a defensive “line” created by the strikers (for example). With this pass the player brings the ball behind/in the back of the strikers (here the first defenders of the team) and depending of the amount of the strikers the player who played the pass receive the appropriate score (the number of the strikers).


In other words, the tool is used to describe how many times players pass-over/break defensive lines taking “out” a certain number of defenders.



Interestingly, the combined "packing" score of the team was linked to game/team success. However, my questions with regards to the "assumed correlation" and other scores were not answered.

The second presentation was about how the coaching job and if/how its specification has changed over the years and what a “modern” coach needs to incorporate/manage different people with different responsibilities to create a successful environment.


In the third part of Tuesday morning session I visited a presentation about “Diagnostics, prevention and nutrition in Football” presented by Prof. Dr. Kuno Hottenrott.


The afternoon and the evening sessions were about “Creating and using space vertically/behind the oppositions back” and “Transition game”. The first was topic was presented by Anouschka Bernhard utilizing the Frankfurt Women’s 2nd division team, while the second part was presented by Christof Daum coaching the U19 of JFV Viktoria Fulda.



On Wednesday I visited an interview and a panel discussion.


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