French National Football Team EURO 2016 Preparation Camp

Whilst on summer break it happened that the French National Football team held a short preparation camp at the "Stubaital" (Austria) for the European Championship 2016 in France. Coincidentally the camp was a 30-minute drive away and I was able to tape a session from outside the training ground (and the fence - obviously I missed to book a ticket beforehand).



The training session was about 70 minutes in duration. The initial 20 minutes were actually split in 2 x 10 minutes. The first 10 minutes were used as a warm-up and the second 10 minutes were used as 10 x 1 minute on - 1 minute off running. After 10 minutes static and active stretching, two players used one ball performing short and long passes and other variations. A 30-minute game followed on a quarter-sized pitch with 11 vs. 11 without goalkeepers. I skipped the cool-down as there was only one way in and out of the valley to avoid traffic.


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