2nd Aspire Academy Sports Science Conference - Monitoring Athlete Training Loads

I was able to attend the 2nd Aspire Academy Sports Science Conference this week. The main topic of the conferences "Monitoring Athlete Training Loads - The Hows and Whys".


Sessions included:

  •  Load monitoring - History and future directions.
  • Monitoring training loads in:
    • endurance sports
    • strength/power sports
    • team sports
    • young/developmental athletes
  • Technology for load monitoring
  • Modelling training loads
  • Load monitoring and injury prevention


HERE is a link to the conference program.


Below you will find some "interesting/take-home/conclusion/key messages" of presentations.

Prof. Carl Foster "Monitoring training loads: The past, present and future"

Dr. Stephen Seiler "Monitoring training load from high-intensity endurance sessions: Effect of intensity and accumulated duration on objective and perceived load during high intensity training"

Dr. Inigo Mujika "Quantification of training and competition loads in endurance sports: Methods and applications"

Dr. Buchheit "Player tracking technology: What if we were all wrong?"

Dr. David Martin "Monitoring training loads - Combats sports and military applications"

Andrew Murray "Managing the agoge in adolescent athletes"

Dr. Alberto Mendes-Villanueva "Application of load monitoring techniques with elite young football players"

Dr. Marco Cardinale "Training monitoring technology and coaching: Challenges opportunities and future trends"

Dr. Mathew Varley "How do we measure what we measure? Understanding GPS metrics used in sport"

Robin Thorpe "The influence of variations in acute cumulative training load on daily changes in morning-measured fatigue variables in elite soccer players"

Jon Bartlett "Predicting RPE from training load in elite team sport ahletes: Evidence for an individualized approach"

Prof. Michael Kellmann "Psychological measures for monitoring training"

Prof. Aaron Coutts "Monitoring, modelling and controlling training loads in team sports: Theoretical basis and practical applications"

Dr. Jos de Koning "A natural model to study overreaching/overtraining"

Dr. Tim Gabbett "The training-injury prevention paradox: Should athletes be training smarter and harder?"

Sean Williams "A systematic process for selecting the most appropriate training load measures for injury risk monitoring of team sport athletes via data reduction techniques"

The attendee were told that all presentations will eventually go online one day. However, you might already find more slides on Twitter using #TrainingLoad16


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