Second day of the 2014 DFB International Coaching Conference


The second day started with “The physical preparation on game-day” and was presented by the fitness coach of the U21 team of the DFB.

Depending on the time of the match, a training was scheduled in the morning of the same day of the match.

Possible content was:


  • Tactical aspects
    • Offensive and defensive key movements
    • Set-pieces
  • Mobilization/Stabilization
    • Dominantly of the hip and knee joints
  • Reaction/freshness actions
    • Fun-games, which were furthermore used as a ritual
  • Neural activation
    • Latter drills to improve attention

The second part of the presentation was about the warm-up that is used throughout all national teams, however, organized differently.

The initial part is characterized through low aerobic activity (running/passing), which is then followed with a short section without the ball to prepare the players and its football specific movements to increase range of motion/flexibility and to increase muscle activity. The content of the third part were specific football movements/activities (changes of direction, passes/shots, turns etc) with the ball to get “into the football rhythm”. The last part integrates high explosive movements to maximize neural activity and to be ready to play.

Other scientific information about warm-ups can be found HERE.


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