CIES Football Observatory Annual Review 2014

The Football observatory is a research group within the International Centre for Sports Studies (CIES), a private foundation affiliated to the University of Neuchâtel, in Switzerland.

Every year they analyse clubs and players in the big-5 leagues from a demographic, economic and pitch performance perspective.


Players market values
The report shows Messi as the player with the hightest value (216 mio Euros) followed by Christiano Ronaldo (114 mio Euros), Suarez, Hazard and Neymar. The list furthermore closes with number 60 Jerome Boateng from Bayern Munich with an estimated value of 23.7-27.5 mio Euros. Interestingly, the players with an value of over 50 mio Euros are exclusively offensive players and players employed by English and Spanish clubs are over-represented in the ranking, as well as footballers under the contract with Barcelona.

Question arise whether these values are accurate or not? The report indicates that the correlation between the reported and estimated transfer fees explained 76%.


Club assets
Ranking of clubs (players) asset are as followed:

  • Barcelona (593 mio Euros)
  • Real Madrid (488 mio Euros)
  • Bayern Munich (400 mio Euros)
  • Manchester City (386 mio Euros)
  • Chelsea (385 mio Euros)
  • Liverpool (373 mio Euros)
  • ……
  • Juventus (282 mio Euros first in Serie A)
  • Paris SG (278 mio Euros first in French division)

Club performance
The report also indicated club performances, showing small statistics such as Barcelona as the club with the least shots conceded per match.
Others were:

  • Juventus – least shots conceded from inside the box
  • Juventus – highest number of shots on target needed by opposition to score
  • Atletico Madrid – hightest number of passess before shots on target by opposition
  • Bayern Munich – most passess per match (739)
  • Bayern Munich – most passes in the opposition zone (437)
  • Paris St. Germain – most passes in own half
  • Paris St. Germain – most passes before shots on goal (43.9)
  • Real Madrid - most number of shots per match (19.6)
  • Real Madrid – most shots on target per match (7.9)
  • Barcelona and ManCity – least shots to score (6.4)

Other statistics were with regards to best players and club demographics.

You can download and extract of the report HERE.


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