UEFA Elite Club Injury Study – Season 2012-2013


The published study is from UEFA including the best European Clubs (such as Bayern, PSG, Barca, Real, Benfica, FC Porto, Ajax, AC Milan, Juventus, and Inter Milan and more).

Some small/important results from the study are:

Thigh (32.4%) and hip/groin were the injury site in 50% of all injuries in training (~40% in matches). Muscle injuries were the most common in 39% in training (37.8%) in games. 

running/sprinting and shooting constitutes 50% of mechanism of muscle/tendon strain injuries resulting in 8-28 days of absent of football in 57.4% cases. Biceps femoris seems to be the dominant muscle involved.

Tackling (28%), Twisting/turning (14.8%), jumping/landing (11.7%) were major mechanisms in joint/ligament sprint injuries.

It seems that on average the coach can plan with 80% of the players for training and 85% for matches with injuries and national team duties being major reasons for absence for training. Injuries account for most of the absences from matches.

Players missed ~2.5 training sessions/month and 1 match/month due to injury.

Interestingly, coaches have 3.5 times training to prepare for one match.

The study is available for download HERE.

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