FC Bayern Munich with 110 mio Euro deal


On Tuesday, the expected entry of the insurer Allianz SE with the German record champions became public.


FC Bayern München had already announced its intention to bring a third major partner on board besides the shareholders Adidas and Audi. 

Allianz secured 8.33 percent of  FC Bayern München AG who puts ~110 million euros on the table.


Part of the deal obviously were the naming rights to the stadium until 2041. 

As a result, the shares of Adidas and Audi will diminish from 9.09 to 8.33%.


Allianz Arena at Munich


What are they going to do with the money?
Despite the new millions, Bayern remain faithful to their style. The sudden cash flow will not be used in even more expensive stars, but in the repayment of outstanding debt and a youth academy near the Arena in the north of Munich. 

FC Barcelona may serve as a model here, who supplied with the expansion of its own power center La Masia itself with above average talent. Almost half of the current squad have trained in the academy.


However, the Bavarians are still some distance away. Among other things,  the training grounds at the Sebener road is not enough space for two professional teams and a complete youth department.


Therefore, the youth academy is to pull the gates of the city, where it is expected to begin with the construction in the next few years .

Especially with regards to player transfers, FC Bayern differ compard to the majority of its counterparties in the Europe. Manchester City has made a minus transfer of over half a billion in the last four years, Chelsea and Roman Abramovich ~800 million, PSG in three years, about ~350 million and Monaco minus 180 million in just one season.


The Bavarians, however, continue to hold 75 percent of its shares themselves which makes them resistance to the mercy of external sponsor. The reinvestment ensure sustainability. Just the repay of liabilities of the arena flushes back around 30 million euros per year.


The original german article was released HERE.


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