Winning a FIFA World Cup - How much is it worth?


Well that is hard to measure in terms of fun/enjoyment, celebration, pride, etc.

Certainly, it is possible to see the financial benefit.

After a meeting of the executive committee at Costa do Sauipe, the announcement was made that the next World Champion will receive a record price money of 35 mio US Dollars (25.6 mio Euros) and the second finalist receives 25 mio USD.

FIFA will spent a new record of 576 mio USD (422 mio Euros) in price money. The previous record was from the WC South Africa 2010 at 420 mio USD.

Taken from: Photograph: Dylan Martinez/Reuters
Taken from: Photograph: Dylan Martinez/Reuters


The 16 teams that will travel back home after the group stage will be given 8 mio USD each. The round of 16 is worth close to 9 mio USD. Teams progressing to the quarterfinals will be given 14 mio USD.

A total of 70 mio USD will be paid to clubs that employ the players as insurance and expense allowance and will be distributed by the national associations.

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