The NSCAA webinar series


Webinar #2 and #3 of the NSCAA webinar series were hold on the 16th and 20th of December.


Webinar #2 was hold by Andrew Donnery CEO of the Freemont Youth Soccer Club. His presentation was about the "Life of a Director of Coaching" and can be watched on Youtube by clicking the link below.



Webinar #3 was hold by Janet Rayfield (Head Women's Soccer Coach at the University of Illinois) about "Developing Decision Makers". The presentation can be watched by clicking on the video below.



There are two more webinars to come (up to today 29/12/2013).


The first one by John O'Sullivan about the Psychology of High Performance (CLICK to register) on January 28th.


The second one will be about "a model youth club - building a club on best practice" by David Newbery. The webinar will also take place on the 28th of January and pre-registration can be done HERE.


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