"Ghost" goal in the Bundesliga - the 2nd one


The following video shows the "ghost" goal - a goal that is not a goal actually - scored by Stefan Kiessling (Bayer Leverkusen) against TSG Hoffenheim this weekend in the German Bundesliga.

This is not your usual “cross-bar” behind/not behind the line-goal, but after a corner, Kiessling makes a decent header that misses the goal, hit the outside of the goal-net and - its in, due to a hole in the net.

I am more than certain that this will never happen again?!




Leverkusen is trying to challenge the game in front of the “DFB – court”, as the first “ghost - goal” of the Bundesliga scored by Helmer with FC Bayern Munich against FC Nuernberg was undone and the game had to be played again.


The re-match was then won by FCB, who proceeded to win the league, while Nuernberg was relegated into 2nd league. Anyway, the video from Helmer also below.


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