Interview with Chris Carling


Coach Mladen Jovanovic interviewed Chris Carling on magnitude based statistics, GPS, repeated sprinting, efficacy scores.


Just in case you have not heard of Chris Carling, he is the current Sport Scientist at Lille FC. He holds a Phd in Sports Science, worked for Clairefontain National Football Centre in France in the past and has written many articles such as (just to mentioned a couple of):


1. Carling, C. Interpreting Physical Performance in Professional Soccer Match-Play: Should We be More

Pragmatic in Our Approach? Sports. Med., 2013.

2. Carling, C. and Bloomfield, J. The effect of an early dismissal on player work-rate in a professional

soccer match. J Sci Med Sport 13: 126-128, 2010.

3. Carling, C., Bloomfield, J., Nelsen, L., and Reilly, T. The role of motion analysis in elite soccer:

contemporary performance measurement techniques and work rate data. Sports Med 38: 839-862, 2008.

4. Carling, C., Espie, V., Le Gall, F., Bloomfield, J., and Jullien, H. Work-rate of substitutes in elite soccer: a

preliminary study. J. Sci. Med. Sports. 13: 253-255, 2010.

5. Carling, C., Le Gall, F., and Dupont, G. Are physical performance and injury risk in a professional soccer

team in match-play affected over a prolonged period of fixture congestion? Int J Sports Med 33: 36-42, 2011.


The interview can be read HERE.


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