The 10 most expensive transfers in football history


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with the soon to be done signature of Gareth Bale with Real Madrid, we had a look of the 10 most expensive players at all times.


1) Christiano Ronaldo - 94.000.000 Euros from ManU to Real Madrid

2) Gareth Bale little bit less than 94.000.000 Euros from Tottenham Hotspurs to Real Madrid
3) Zinedine Zidane - 73.500.000 Euros from Juventus to Real Madrid
4) Zlatan Ibrahimovic - 69.500.000 Euros from Inter Milan to FC Barcelona
5) Kaka - 65.000.000 Euros from AC Milan to Real Madrid
6) Edinson Cavani - 64.500.000 Euros from Napoli to Paris Saint-Germain
7) Radamel Falcao - 60.000.000 Euros from Athletico Madrid to AS Monaco
8) Luis Figo - 60.000.000 Euros from FC Barcelona to Real Madrid
9) Fernando Torres - 58.500.000  Euros from Liverpool to Chelsea
10) Neymar - 57.000.000  Euros from FC Santos to Barcelona


Interestingly, Real Madrid therefore made the three most expensive transfers in the history of football, however accumulate an approximate debt of ~600.000.000 Euros in 2013.


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