Measuring pre-season aerobic endurance in collegiate soccer players


This blog-post is not suppose to be an article coaches should read, BUT something they should participate in...meaning:


The college soccer season is about to kick-off and we would like to provide you with normative data from aerobic endurance tests.  In order to do so, we would like to know a) which tests you are using to test/monitor your athletes and b) the scores your players achieve in this test.


Our goal is to have as much information as possible in order to average the provide values in accordance to their specific league (NCAA level 1 for example). Obviously we will not give the names of the coaches neither the names of the teams who provided testing data.


As a result, all coaches have an idea about where their team stands in comparison to a national average of their respective league.


We hope many of you guys will participate and we are looking forward to receive emails (to with your data.


Also, we leave some space for comments, just in case there are concerns that wants to be raised. Naturally, we want to provide clarification to each comment.



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