Goal or no goal – FIFA has approved a German company to deliver goal cameras for the Confed-Cup


A relatively small company named Goalcontrol will deliver the goal cameras for the Confederation Cup in Brazil this year and therefore seems to have good chances to do so for the upcoming World Cup the following year.

German newspaper reported that Goalcontrol was chosen over three other company/system, with one of them being the “Hawk-Eye”–system from a British company (belonging to Sony), which is already established in Tennis and Cricket. Furthermore, and probably even more surprising that Goalcontrol was chosen, as the English FA made a commitment to “Hawk-eye” for the Premier League.

How does it work?

14 high-speed cameras underneath the stadium rooftop are installed surveying the two goals. Due to the information, the referee receives a signal onto his watch – “Goal”. The company states that the system’s measurement error equals 5 mm. Additionally, the system would be able to provide review options and the edited system would increase its accuracy down to 2 mm.

Goalcontrol system installed in a stadium taken from
Goalcontrol system installed in a stadium taken from

An advantage is that the present goals and balls can still be used (and therefore there is no need for a development for a new ball, which includes a chip).

However, the estimated price for a camera system per stadium is 200.000 to 250.000 Euros. The CEO of the company hopes that by 2022, close to 1000 stadiums worldwide will have installed the system.

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