Goalkeeper conference


It was brought to our attention that the FA has a specific goalkeeper conference on the 14-15.4.2013 at St.George’s Park.

As we believe that the goalies are (kind of) rejected (in some) way and most of the research on/and training is performed on/with the rest of the team, a conference specific for goalkeepers (coaches) is well-needed.

We do not know exactly the rules and regulations of the “FA licensed coaches’ club” (such as if anyone can attend), we can only post this and guide you to the information (just in case you did not know).

However, we would like to present the schedule:


The FA goalkeeper conference
The FA goalkeeper conference

And here is the link to registration:

And just in case someone attends this conference, please feel free to contact us and provide some material which we can post to spread the knowledge.


The Training Manager - planet.training