FC Bayern Munich speed session


We have visited (unfortunately only a) part of a speed session from FC Bayern Munich during their training camp at Doha/Qatar 2013.

The set up can be seen in the figure below, however we are only partly able to give a detailed report about the session.

The team was split into three groups and therefore 3 “stations” were set up.

Station 1. The first one included sideways movement in accordance to the instructions from the coach and a straight sprint (including a turn) of about 5 meters. As we have mentioned earlier, we do not know how they have used the poles in the same setup as we were only able to watch a part of the session.

Station 2. Included some sort of speed-ladder or similar equipment in which different speed of execution seemed to be trained adding a straight 5-meter sprint at the end of each 5-7 seconds drill.

Station 3. Included resisted speed training for 10 meters. As far we were able to observe the different drills included core stabilization as well as step frequency training whilst having a horizontal resistance applied by a teammate.


FCB speed session setup
FCB speed session setup


In order to get a feel for the session we would like to share the short video.


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