Training session of the Spanish national team


We already presented some pictures from the friendly match Spain vs. Uruguay at Doha/Qatar.


We have also visited the public training session of the Spanish national team the night before the match.


The figure below shows the setup of the training session.

Spanish training session set-up
Spanish training session set-up

The entire session was about 1.5 hours in length and consisted of a long warm-up, followed by possession games and a “regular” game on a smaller pitch. At the end, some players practiced shots on goal.

1) warm-up without balls, about 10-15 minutes in length, different running and movements for range of motion

2) 4-6 vs. 2, ~15 minutes in length

3) final stage/more intense warm-up including jumping, change of direction, acceleration runs, heading, stretching, playing catch, ~10 minutes in duration

4) possession game, ~15 minutes in duration, pitch size: ~30 x 30 m

5) crossing and finishing including goalies, ~15 minutes in duration

6) game including goalies, ~10 minutes in duration


The video shows the players in action.


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