FC Bayern Munich vs Schalke 04 - Preparation match


As both teams have been preparing themselves for the second half of the Bundesliga season in Doha/Qatar at the moment, a match was played between both teams at the Jassim-Bin-Hamad-Stadion two days ago. It is the same stadium, in which Schalke won against Al-Saad (the qatarian first league team) four days ago.

pre-match handshake
FCB vs Schalke 04 pre-match handshake


About 3.000 visitors saw a very unequal match-up of the two Bundesliga teams. While Bayern seemed to be motivated and fit, the Schalke players made the impression of having a hard training camp and were down 4-0 at halftime.


FCB vs Schalke 04 stadium view
FCB vs Schalke 04 stadium view


Most of the players had the chance to play 45 minutes, however Bayern scored another goal in the second half and the game ended 5-0 for Bayern Munich.

More or less all goals are presented in the video below.


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