New training device for the German Bundesliga Champion Borussia Dortmund


This article reviews a current report from website, a sports channel in Germany. On their website they present the latest training equipment from the reigning Bundesliga Champion Borussia Dortmund.

BVB ball machine copyright by
BVB ball machine copyright by

The picture shows an indoor football turf with approximate measurements of 14 x 14 meters. Inside this area a circle indicates where the player is suppose to receive a ball from one of the 8 ball machines that are built into the wall and/or the ceiling surrounding the pitch. The speed of the ball can be manipulated of up to 120 km/h, different shots can be produce and 1500 sensors ensure continuous training stimulus.


The goal of the players is to trap the ball, and pass, chip, shot it to one of the 72 squares marked on the outside of the pitch in different height after a signal and/or a light indicate the target square. The whole system can be controlled by a tablet and produces random situations. A typical training cycle consists of 3-4 sets of approximately a total of 200 balls within 20 minutes and as a result, players receive nearly three times the touches that they have within a typical game.


Measurements taken while players practice inside the so-called “footbonaut” are heart frequency, pass accuracy and passing speed. So far the system is used for training purposes however, we believe that using it in talent identification might be a logical step as well.


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- and here is a video that showcases it.


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