DFB International Coaching Conference


During our stay in Germany, we have been fortunate to participate in the DFB International Coaching Conference at Augsburg near Munich.

Lines-man indicating a substitution
picture taken from www.football.isport.com

Horst Zingraf the president of the “BDFL” opened the conference Monday morning 9 am and the first goodies were given between 10-10:45 by Andy Roxburgh (UEFA Technical Director).


His topic “Trends in top-level football” was not really discussed, however, he presented interesting stories from professional football and thoughts on leadership and coaching philosophy.

Practical advices were given on how to deal with substitutions, more particularly how to justify substitutions (just in case players demand to know the reason behind their sub).

20 reason for a substitution

1) injury (obviously, if players are injured)
2) tactical change (due to goals and or changes from the opposition)
3) tiredness, fresh legs (can be used not even during overtime)
4) avoiding sanctions (players that have received a yellow card already)
5) crowd recognition (maybe reacting to fans)
6) squad rotation (to reduce the load imposed on individual players during a

week with multiple games)

7) red card for the Goalkeeper (obviously you need a goalie and therefore a

field player need to be substituted)

8) playing opportunity (for younger players or players that are coming back

from injury to gain some experience/game time)

9) player protection (in many ways, opponents ,fans)
10) poor performance
11) not following instructions
12) breaking the rhythm (to give the game a turn)
13) giving a bonus (to players that deserves it)
14) winning move (the substitute scores the winning goal)
15) penalty taker (if in overtime and its most likely to progress to penalties

and your best penalty taker is still on the bench)

16) crowd influence (opposite to 5)
17) sale of a player (players that want to switch teams/need to be sold are

more worth if they play (at least a little)

18) medal appearance (to give appearance records/bonus to players)
19) time wasting (he should not have said that hahahahaaaaa)
20) Sentiment (that is a coaches thing?!)

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